About application re launch

About application re launch

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Due to the expiration of the contract with the agent, the operation cooperation with a well-known Hong Kong issuing company will end on May 20, 2021.

We (the developer) will get back the distribution authorization in the near future and will go back online as soon as possible after the end of the cooperation. Players can re register their accounts in the re launched games,

And contact customer service, we will return the previous recharge amount.

The specific operation is as follows:

1. In the original game, record the current character ID.

2. Download the new version of the game, re create the character and record the later character ID.

3. Contact customer service by email, customer service email: ufo@raykylin.com , contact customer service by email.

The theme is: “Get recharge back”
The contents are as follows:
a. Old Role ID: xxxxxxxxxxx ServiceName: xxxxx
b. New Role ID: xxxxxxxxxxx ServiceName: xxxxx
c. Attached with any recharge voucher record screen capture

We will recharge the amount within 24 hours after receiving the email.

Role id on the “ setting interface” in the game


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